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  • Do you use Pinterest? This is something like a billboard made up of images of interests and hobbies. It can be fun, and maybe educational, too. Living with MS is easier when we take breaks, and Pinterest is one good way to take a fun break.

    I recently started my own billboards on Vicki,s Pinterest site. I have billboards for my favorite Quotations, of course Multiple Sclerosis, an important Bone Health and Osteoporosis board, and then one called “My Style,” which so far includes things I like.

    Search for something that interests you and you will probably find many other people with posts on that same topic. If it interests you, it interests someone else, too. Movies, TV, books, philosophy, vampires -- it is probably there. If not, start one of your own.

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    These billboard collections are fun. Start one, follow others, have a good time. You can have a very small billboard collection, or many billboards with many posts on each one

    Do you use Pinterest?  What topics would you like to make a billboard about?

    Notes and Links:

    Vicki’s Pinterest site

Published On: June 24, 2013