Multiple Sclerosis is Largely an Invisible Disease

Vicki Health Guide
  • It is an honor and challenge to maintain the Merely Me's Question of the Week feature.  I hope to come up with questions as thought-provoking as hers, and that shouldn't be too hard because Lisa Emrich and Amy Gurowitz will be contributing as well. I am also always open to suggestions.

    Now, for this week's topic.


    I remember when I first began living with what I knew was MS, I was surprised at how much I didn't know. I was surprised by symptoms that I did not know were associated with MS, how other MSers experienced it so differently, and how people seemed to react to me.

    For example, I had the feeling that when my doctor told me I had MS, he must have put a big MS tattoo on my forehead. I thought everyone knew. Even people who passed me on the street suddenly knew I had MS. I did not realize how much MS is an invisible condition with many hidden symptoms.

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    I was surprised when people glared because they saw me parking in a "handicapped" space. How could they not understand? Every move I made shouted MS! MS! MS!

    Here is my question for this week:

    What is the most surprising thing you learned about MS after you began living with it?

    I'll bet everyone can think of something. This condition still surprises me even now. Please share with us.


    Next week, Lisa has a question.


Published On: October 19, 2009