How to Use a Sense of Humor to Cope with Multiple Sclerosis

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  • Is There Anything Funny about MS?

    Thanksgiving is just three days away, so the obvious question for this day is about gratitude. Back in June, however, Merely Me asked "What are you grateful for today?" That is a great question for each of us to ask ourselves every day. It reminds us that gratitude is important. I recommend we each re-read this question and the comments that are so relevant this week. But now, back to the Question of the Week.

    Literature of the day is replete with jokes, funny stories, and even cartoons about all subjects including illness and MS in particular. For every light-hearted piece there is a strict, severe criticism of anyone who chooses the cute route. After all, this is serious, but I think laughter and smiling are very serious also. It's especially important for those of us living in situations that are difficult to laugh at, and was the reason I wrote a piece about Humor and Disability.

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    How sad it would be, I think, if we could not smile or laugh during the day, every day. Michael B. Gerber tells us how we can have fun with our own in every day situations.

    So here is the Question of the Week:
    Is There Anything Funny about MS?

    Do you think there are MS situations when it is okay to laugh?
    What do you think?

Published On: November 23, 2009