The Week in Review, May 22, 2009

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  • Hello all MSCentral community members.  This is Lisa Emrich here asking for your opinion on the following post.  Sorry for any confusion, but I am the same Lisa you know, just having technical difficulties with my regular account.

    My question to you: Would you be interested in seeing a Weekly Review such as what follows below appear each Friday?  I would like to pitch this idea to the Site Producer if you would find it helpful.  Thanks.

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  So what's been going on around here?  Let's find out.

    From the Community:

    *Suzanne/ladygraycloud says, "Well I'm at the Starting Gate."  She has finally been by a neurologist who wants to follow up with MRIs every 3 months until her diagnosis becomes Definite MS.  Suzanne, we're thinking about you.

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    *Sherry/smomdukes shares "Growing up Country, Every kid should have to...."  She discusses part memory and part recommendation for every kid.  Imagine having TV but with only 2 channels, radio which picks up only 1 static-signal religious station, and an Ipod with dead batteries and a General Store which only stocks size C and D batteries.  What's a kid to do?

    *jeffcats asks you to "Check out my new blog."  I did give it a looksee and Jeff has definitely jumped into the MS Blogging Community after being diagnosed at the end of January.  Perhaps if we all welcome Jeff to MSCentral, he just might spend some time getting to know our community.  Go say hi.

    *Julie ponders the nonlinear nature of MS in Why, why, whine.  "I feel a little crazed at all the questions that keep running through my mind with no way to get them answered. Where is the dictionary of MS?  I need those words and definitions to sum up what's going on and to take the surprises away.  I need this MS world defined. But I know this won't happen in my lifetime."  Wow, who doesn't feel this way some of the time?

    *Sherry/smomdukes discusses being "The Planner."  Are YOU ready for July 4th already?

    *Sherry/smomdukes also announces that "The Shoulder" is not broken!  Yay, but the wall must be terribly hurt.  Surprised

    *Sherry/smomdukes reminds us to consider the meaning behind "Memorial Day." It's not just about sales and a day off work.  Thank and honor all of those who have served our country.

    *CWoolly is an artist and new member here at MSCentral who is newly diagnosed.  CWoolly will be starting on Rebif this summer and sounds ready to tackle this intruder head on.  Do go check out the artwork, my favorites, an angel and seaturtle.

    From the Leaders:

    *Merely Me starts us off with "A Patient's Perspective on the Doctor Patient Relationship."  In this Part Two of a series, Merely Me interviews herself, giving excellent responses.  She also poses questions to you, the community.  What do you feel are essential components of fostering a good doctor patient relationship?

    *Lisa begins an exciting series talking about a too-often taboo subject, "Sexual Dysfunction and Multiple Sclerosis."  Yes folks, we're talking about SEX!!!  This is a 6-week series, so pull up a chair and let's get down to the business of improving our Quality of Life.  All input and suggestions are welcome, right Sherry?  Wink

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    *Vicki continues her series discussing the types of MS.  This week it is "Primary Progressive and Progressive Relapsing."  A few MS bloggers friends I have live with have PPMS.  If you are curious to read more, check out the blogs of Marc, Herrad, and Steve who is caregiver to Bobrobert.

    *Merely Me honors Sherry/smomdukes with "The Spirit of Community Award."  Congrats Sherry, you rock!

    *Merely Me presents the "MSCentral Question of the Week."  Do you think that there is any connection between MS symptoms and the food you eat?

    From the News:

    - "Health Insurance 101: Advice for the Recent Grad"

    - "Drugmaker Offers Free Medications to Unemployed"

    - "5 Tips for Getting Insurance with a Pre-existing Condition"

    Questions and Conversations:

    *just2tired asks a question of a Personal Nature

    *Char asks about using an Oral Agent for Bowels

    *Linda is experiencing Hot Flashes. Anybody have some input to give?

    *Linda further discussed the Probable MS diagnosis with her Husband

    *glowing4times wonders does a relapse/attack always cause a new lesion

    *Becca seeks advice on how to support her best friend who probably has MS

    *Linda asks about the Visual Evoked Potentials Test

    *John asks about Leg Pain

    *Steph who is coaching a Woman with MS in Swim Lessons is looking for advice.

    *anu wonders if he/she is Suffering from MS

    *smomdukes asks about Fatigue Drugs beyond Provigil

    *tellnhelen wants to know more about Fampridine-SR

    *angelbmj questions going Completely Numb

    *Celiac Kid wonders why they don't test for Celiac Disease in MS Patients more often

    *Celiac Kid asks about Bone Pain with using Rebif and Solumedrol

    *Norrie has PPMS and asks about Fatigue Management

    *Logger asks about a Recent MRI Report

    *Mike asks about Oral Methotrexate

    *Stewie asks about White Blood Cell Count

    So those are the happenings here at MSCentral.  Have a great weekend!!

Published On: May 22, 2009