MS, Love and De-Stressing: Question of the Week

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    Valentine’s Day. A day to express our love to those in our life we feel are special.  The Hallmark store is filled with cards to help us.  We can buy a card to say I love you to our husband, wife, companion, child, grandchild, sweetheart, aunt, uncle, friend, teacher, co-worker, or even our pet.  Do you remember bringing valentines in to school and exchanging them with your classmates?  I have fond memories of doing that.  Showing love, and being loved, is something that always makes us feel very special.


    Thinking about Valentine’s Day for the purpose of this post made me think about the people in my life that I love.  This past year has been challenging for me for many reasons, and the love I feel for my husband and son, and the love they feel for me, was strengthened during these times of adversity.  My family and friends were compassionate and understanding, and for that I am thankful – I love them all.  The love we receive in these ways are both a gift and a blessing, and I do not ever take it for granted.

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    We, as people living with a chronic illness, know what it’s like to live through “times of adversity” – every single day.  It begins with the MS issues we first experience, through receiving a firm diagnosis.  Then it moves on to choosing the appropriate medications, riding a wave of emotions, dealing with family dynamics, obtaining or keeping a job and wondering whether to “reveal” our diagnosis, constraints on our finances, insurance coverage, wondering whether the medications are working, and so on and so forth.  We come to better appreciate the fragility of life, good health and true love.  We learn that to feel love, and to be loved is a gift to behold.


    This Valentine’s Day I hope everyone reading this feels very loved.  During our worst days, when we feel depressed or lonely or just plain sick and tired of this MS monster, I hope you all will have a chance to take the time to think about those you love and who love you, and allow that gift – that wonderful feeling – to envelop you even a little.  Let it take some of the stresses out of your life, for even a minute, and allow yourself to feel good, feel happy, and feel warm. 


    My Question of the Week is: On this Valentine’s Day, do you think you will be able to de-stress even a little bit and think about those you love and those who love you?  If you said yes, can you share a bit of your thoughts with us?  For me, finding ways to de-stress helps me manage my MS symptoms.


    I’d LOVE to hear from you!!  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Published On: February 13, 2012