MS, Community and September 11

Cathy Health Guide
  • Recently I attended an MS conference sponsored by the pharmaceutical company I represent as a Peer Resource. In attendance were Peer Resources from around the country - people who (like me) dedicate time and effort to reach out to others with MS and who also use the same disease-modifying medication.  The annual conference is held to educate and enlighten us on current research, how to use better techniques while speaking to others with MS and providing us with strategies on keeping ourselves healthy.  It is a fun-filled weekend as we reunite with old friends while making new ones.


    I learned a lot over the course of three days, not only from the speakers we listened to but also from my peers.  My peers - my friends - are strong and vibrant people with strong minds and loving hearts.  They make me proud to know them and joyful to be around them.

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    We have MS, but we don’t allow it to take over our whole being and define who we are. Each of us are unique individuals who have much to offer to the world. 


    One of the speakers, who also has MS, shared his personal story of how he tours the country despite overwhelming fatigue.   He keeps a busy schedule at a frantic pace.  His advice?  Do what you can – but just do it!  He travels from town to town, state to state and keeps in his pocket a bunch of cheer and a whole lot of love.  He shares himself with the MS world and does it gladly because it’s his way of giving back to the MS community.  We were thrilled to be a part of his journey and to listen and talk to him. 


    The MS community is a large, friendly and giving one.  Here on HealthCentral we band together to listen, cheer, empathize and give advice to each other.  We hold each other up and strive to be there for our ups and downs.  I have learned a lot from you, my MS friends – and I hope you have learned a lot from me.


    This September 11 let’s band together in honor of those we lost – people and families we did or did not know – to continue to try to help each other.  This tragedy emphasizes how unpredictable life is and how every day counts as much as the next one.  Live every day as fully as you can within your own abilities.  Reach out to each other, lean on one another and, once in awhile, laugh and love together.


    My Question of the Week is: How do you honor each day and what do you do to live the best life you can despite your MS? 


    G-d bless each and every one of you!

Published On: September 11, 2012