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  • The election is finally over and the country has re-elected President Barack Obama.  The advertisements we’ve been bombarded with have disappeared from the airwaves and the robocalls have stopped interrupting our dinners.  Here in New Jersey and our great neighbor, New York, we continue to have our strength tested after the devastating blow of Hurricane Sandy and the smaller (yet annoying) snowstorm of November 7.  We all need time to take a deep breath, think pleasant thoughts, and exhale saying, “I am ready for a new day.”


    The candidates and the media tossed around too many facts, figures and ideologies throughout the campaign season that, at times, confused the public and baffled the country.  Those of us with multiple sclerosis were particularly interested in many of those issues.   We watched the sea-saw of opinions on whether The Affordable Care Act (or the repeal of it if Governor Romney was elected) was here to stay. Now that President Obama has been re-elected, Obamacare is intact and it’s up to the states on how they will use it.  We watched the candidate’s differing views on the future of Medicaid; Governor Romney wanted to “turn Medicaid, the government health care plan for children and the poor, into a block grant, a plan that would ultimately cut millions from the program,“ according to a report on MotherJones.

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    If you’re like me you watched this election very carefully, wondering what will happen to our health care plan. 


    My question of the week is: Are you satisfied with your present health care coverage and are your prescriptions being adequately paid for?  Kindly leave all political opinions out of this conversation.  I’d like to know how the needs of the MS community are being met.  Stay safe and warm, my friends.


    Cathy Chester is the Author of the blog An Empowered Spirit.



Published On: November 12, 2012