Happy New Year : MS, Resolutions and Goals

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  • My Question of the Week this week will be a short one.  My son, my husband and I all came down with a stomach bug.  Nasty stuff, the kind of thing that makes you realize how much you miss your “normal” days of having MS.


    I’ve been making pacts with myself these past few days, like taking better care of myself, eating right and exercising more, telling people in my life how much they mean to me, keeping to a stricter writing schedule, making more of an effort with my social life (writing is a lonely profession)!  If I had more energy I’d write then all down.


    My list is much like New Year’s Resolutions; the kind of thing I stopped doing years ago when I realized I never stuck to any list by the third week in January.  However I have decided to make a list of one or two goals for my year, write a plan of how I want to achieve that goal, provide a timeline of how I will go about it – and then do it.  I think we all need to have some sort of a mission statement for ourselves, especially when you have a chronic illness.

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    There is so much information about new MS treatments, cutting edge research, MS blogs and non-profit and for profit MS organizations, it is difficult to keep on top of all we need to know.  Of course the best way to keep informed is right here at HealthCentral, and there is also The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and your own medical team.  They are the starting points of the information you need, whether you are newly diagnosed or diagnosed for many years ago.  These three places can provide you with other important and useful sources of information necessary for your various MS needs. 


    Make a pact with yourself by staying current, and help yourself by taking the best care of your MS.


    What MS goals do you have for this year?  Let us hear from you!


    I send you wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.




    Cathy Chester is the author of, An Empowered Spirit, a blog about living a vibrant and healthy life after the age of 50

Published On: December 31, 2012