Reflecting on the Haitian Disaster

CRegal Editor
  • After the disaster in Haiti, countless individuals were left without the proper supplies needed to care for diseases, ranging from the chronic to the acute.

    Though we certainly never wish to prepare to be struck by such disaster, we must keep in mind that things certainly do happen, and there are times when you may be stuck without the materials needed to treat your medical problems.

    What do you need on-hand to care for your MS in time of need? If you are stuck away from your family or doctor for a time due to a disaster, what is it that you may need to have available to you? How can you be prepared to be away from your home for a time and still care for your MS? Do you have an "emergency resource" supply?

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    Are there simple precautions you can take to make life easier in case of a disaster?


Published On: January 19, 2010