May 2010 Wrap-Up

CRegal Editor
  • What happened on MyMSCentral in May 2010?  Let's run down the month that was!


    Amy Gurowitz hosted the first ever MS chat on this site, the transcript of which can be found here!  Over a dozen people participated with a total of over 160 comments.  A successful first run, if I do say so! 


    Amy also posted the third installment to her pregnancy and MS series, entitled Eight and Nine-Tenths Years.


    Lisa Emrich started off May discussing MS resources in our neighbors to the North, Canada.  She then chronicled in a series of posts her adventures traveling abroad with MS, and the very-real situations she had to address across the Pond, including urinary incontinence.  Lisa conducted an interview with an MS Hero, Wendy Booker, whose inspiring story involved climbing - literally - to the highest peaks of life.  Finally, we saw the return of Gratitude Friday.

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    Vicki presented a heart-felt letter to the grandchildren of an MS patient and commented on the relationships between MS and osteoporosis and MS and depression.


    May was Mental Health Month, so we tried to bring awareness to the prominence of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions among MS patients. 


    We also resurrected the Quizzes and Tools page.  In conjunction with Mental Health Month, we added a quiz for MS and Mental Health.


    On the news front, breakthroughs were made in studies involving MS and exposure to sunlight, genetic variants among MS patients, and scientists investing new time in exploring ways to reverse any damage from MS.  Small steps, but strides nonetheless!


    Overall, the community was incredibly active - there were 33 shareposts (more than one every day!) and 37 questions asked.  Not a bad month at all!


    Is there anything else that you saw or did this month?  Is there any way you think we can improve the site?  Is there anything you want to see in the future?


    In June, we're celebrating Father's Day and asking about your social interactions with consideration for your MS.  Do you have a story to tell or an experience to share?  Come create a sharepost, ask a question, or comment on an article - the community is alive and well!

Published On: May 26, 2010