Introducing Dr. Kantor: Neurologist and MS Expert

Dr. Kantor Health Guide
  • Hello, I am excited to be a member of the MS Central community and I look forward to sharing with you my experiences as an MS doctor. I hope that we can use this online community as an extension of the MS community outside of cyberspace and I can help navigate you through many of the issues facing MS patients, families and healthcare providers.


    Going into college (at the University of Pennsylvania), I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to use my love of science to help the people around me, but I also knew that medicine is a lot more than science. It is an art as well. With that in mind, I started out by majoring in Literary Theory in the School of Arts and Sciences. I took all my pre-med classes, but I wanted to make sure that I stayed as "well rounded" as possible so that I would never lose sight of the human side of medicine. I became interested in computers and studied Computer Science and Engineering, which allowed me to think about the ways that we can build and program computers to try to think. It also made me realize how much more complicated the human brain is than any super-computer in the world.

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    Neurology is "the medical science that deals with the nervous system and disorders affecting it." But being a neurologist is so much more than that. Everyday we have the amazing privilege of being granted a window into the lives of our patients. With all the paperwork and barriers in modern medicine, patients and their families are the reason why all of us stay in neurology. I decided to become an MS doctor because there is so much we can do as neurologists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants working together with patients. It is important for each person with MS to be the leader of the MS Team and recruit a supportive team to assist them in their lifetime journey with MS. I call this the M*STAR (Multiple Sclerosis Team Approach Rule).


    Of all fields in neurology, MS research is one of the fastest growing. I hope to use MS Central to keep you updated on news and developments in the MS Community. During the second week of October, I will be at the big MS meeting in Europe (23rd Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis or ECTRIMS) - where a lot of new research will be presented. Later this month I will update you on some of the latest research results.


    I look forward to reading your questions, but please remember that I cannot make specific medical consultations - for all of those you need to speak to your own personal doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. I will answer general questions that can help ensure that you are empowered through education when you speak to your healthcare provider.

Published On: October 09, 2007