Health Care and MS: On The Availability of Medications

Dr. Kantor Health Guide
  • At our latest monthly MS Town Hall meeting, our excellent nurse practitioner discussed health insurance and how to get it and to remember to not leave a lapse.


    We had a visitor from England who related to us the different issues facing patients in England and she dispelled the myth that things are exponentially better across the “pond” (Atlantic Ocean). She told us that for a while some of our standard disease modifying agents were only available to people living in certain zip codes. This sort of discrimination would not be allowed in this great country of ours.


    She then went on to comment that she “thought some of it had to do with finances.” That is definitely true (the alternative is frightening, that some zip codes were discriminated on based on location, prevalent ethnicity, or age of the population) and is a reality we have to face as Americans – the budget for healthcare is not unlimited. Especially in this time of economic turndown, it is important to realize as a society that there are multiple aspects of our economy that are important.

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    At the Multiple Sclerosis Patient Network (M*S*P*N) we believe that  Security, Health and Education (SHE) are crucial basic needs for a successful society and economy. If people do not feel safe in their homes or streets then it will be difficult to stimulate the economy for the short and long term.


    The economy is not our primary concern, instead it is a byproduct of a successful society. America didn’t become a superpower by willing it to be so, instead our Founders built a successful model society that has stood the test of time in times of need, such as World War II. America was considered the savior of Europe and helped to reconstruct it, and it is now becoming a global force to be reckoned with. 


    We have a responsibility, now, to continue in the footsteps of the giants who preceded us and to once again show the world what makes America great.


    You do.


    You might argue that you (or your loved one) has MS and that it prevents you from being that model citizen and to have a positive effect in our society. The opposite is true: By beating diability and striving forward to make one step further, you are making a difference. If you do 2 laps a day, start doing 3 and then 4…; if you volunteer a few hours a week, then double it; if you help 2 people, start helping 4. There is so much to be done and so little time, and you cannot blame society or the government or anyone. The time is now to move forward and to make a difference.

Published On: March 31, 2008