A Doctor's View on MS and Treating the Symptoms

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  • Medicine is an art and a science. This is true of multiple sclerosis as well. The information that forms the scientific basis for this disease is critical for patients to appreciate. However, there is an art to dealing with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.


    It is my hope that more knowledge about this science/art complexity will help you the reader who has to confront MS on a daily basis.


    Like Medicine itself, writing is an art. For the last ten years, while in the field of Neuroscience writing, I have tried to hone my skills in this craft just as I spent many years attempting to master Neurology (attaining Board Certification in 1991). But neither Norman Mailer nor Alois Alzheimer would claim mastery of their respective fields. They tried hard however and that is the best I can do in attempting to convey MS issues in these blogs.

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    Each person has to confront illness in a highly personal way. I have treated MS patients for whom the disease was all consuming. And they met the challenge head on. Others try to minimize certain disease manifestations. And that's a winning approach as well.


    There is an old saying that states, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". Unfortunately, too little knowledge can be even more dangerous. In that spirit, I hope these MS Blogs enhance your understanding of MS and motivate you to ask more questions about it. The purpose here is not to offer "internet consultations" and thus I cannot provide diagnoses or treatment advice.


    MS is an esoteric disease. It's fascinating. You didn't sign up for it but you do have an opportunity to grapple with an amazing foe. I hope to provide you with more firepower in your battle!

Published On: October 15, 2007