MS Madness- A Poem

Dr. Gross Health Guide
  • April, cruel path to no salvation

    leaving the March splitting in your wake

    April, thy name is suffering

    amid the inflammation

    and the consternation

    and the rehabilitation

    motionless and with bolts of pain


    Those legs are phantoms not!

    for when they sway or jerk to the provider

    and his patella hammering

    they delight in their involuntary certitude

    of upper motor neuron derangement


    for they own your time

    and your space in the chair

    as the fans cheer on

    and Sonny dies against the tree


    flailing his limbs

    motionless and with bolts of pain


    Half Breed mon cherie

    like Obama or the ******* son

    of Barney Rubble


    decaying in the dumping ground

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    atrophy setting in

    on limbs no Fred Flintstone

    nor Pope nor Muqtada al-Sadr could resurrect


    but you will rally Ma Cherie

    amor, wonder recuperating

    sashaying, undulating and portraying

    yourself to Tax Time's playstation


    Death is not cessation

    just deal with the denervation

    blinded by optic nerve obliteration


    Central govern your salvation!

    it's not your vision- look at Albany!

    it's not your legs- move like Iraqi amputees!

    it's not anyone's mind but your own


    Rise and See

    Thy name is Attainment!


    And late the flowers soak

    one morning a stem may myelin replace

Published On: April 02, 2008