Multiple Sclerosis Can Make Life Overwhelming: Take Time for Yourself

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  • This is a multiple sclerosis website and MS is our main focus here. But people whose lives are impacted by MS live in the same world of chaos as everyone else, and we experience the same joys and sorrows.

    My husband, Jake, and I have many things on our minds in addition to multiple sclerosis.

    We're in the process of trying to re-define our career goals during mid-life. It's a challenge which requires discipline and determination. I also work half-days outside the home when the MS allows and, like everyone else, I have concerns about that job.

    We live far from family and would like to change that, but our families are scattered throughout the country. We've got a few kids working on their education and others forging ahead with careers. Jake's oldest daughter has had Type 1 diabetes since the age of nine. We think about that a lot. I have a son graduating college in a few months. We each have elderly parents we don't see often enough, as well as brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. We do our best to call, email and visit, but we're spread pretty thin in that respect.

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    We recently celebrated our Valentine's Day wedding anniversary. That same week we mourned the loss of one of our two cats and we're mindful of his sister's difficult adjustment to her altered routine.

    Our grocery and fuel bills are climbing, along with our health care costs. We discuss politics, the election, the war and the meaning of life...and death.

    Multiple sclerosis offers us no protection from other health issues which enter the scene in random fashion.

    We have chores, inside and outside of our home. There's a small hole in the kitchen wall, made with the cabinet handle. We still haven't gotten around to repairing that.

    We like visiting our local vineyard. We spend a lot of time in our home office on our side-by-side macs. We do our grocery shopping together and make good use of the fresh produce section while avoiding the junk food aisles. I follow the list, Jake pushes the cart.

    We eat dinner together every a fully set table...and talk. We like to have music playing while we eat. It is not unheard of for us to do a one-minute slow dance before tackling the dishes. We indulge in popcorn while watching our favorite television shows, Boston Legal and House. We recently sprung for a DVD set of all six-seasons of Northern Exposure.

    And we have dreams. We often talk about visiting Europe, particularly France and Italy, not only for their beauty and history, but as a nod to our heritage. We long for tropical islands vacations.

    MS rents a big space in our lives, but will never take full possession. Life demands that we take time out.

Published On: February 21, 2008