Don't be Fooled, There Is No Cure for MS

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  • I am about to come into some money -- 34 million dollars, to be exact. At last, all my worries about health insurance are over! All I need to do is to send my banking information to the very nice gentleman in South Africa who has been emailing me. I don't really understand how I came to be chosen, but no matter. The fact is, I HAVE been chosen!

    So, have I lost my senses or what? The above paragraph is meant to illustrate a point. Just because I would love to have 34 million dollars, wishing will not make it so. I do get emails telling me "I've been chosen", but I delete them.

    Meanwhile, I am anxiously awaiting the cure for multiple sclerosis, as are millions of other people, but wishing will not make that so, either. What will make it so is research, dedication on the part of researchers, and adequate funding. There is even the chance that someone, somewhere, will stumble upon the key to a cure purely by accident. It may be something simple, something right in front of us, though we haven't discovered it yet. I am not discouraged and I do not wish to discourage anyone else.

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    Unfortunately, there are more people than I care to think about, who would gladly take advantage of our plight. They have witnessed our anxiety and taken note. They have sensed our desperation and have hatched plans. They work to take advantage of us. Their mission is simple and as old as time. They want our money and they are willing to prey on our hopes in order to get it.

    If you have MS, no doubt you have been told of “the cure” in various ways -- emails, websites, pamphlets, word of mouth, and even television ads. They will accuse the government, physicians, and drug manufacturers of hiding this cure, knowing that we have issues with all of the above. They know how badly we want to believe them and they are patient. Using people who have the relapsing/remitting form of MS is a very convincing tool and they don't hesitate to play that card. By the time a relapse occurs, they are nowhere to be found.

    The cure is yet to be discovered. When it is, I will eagerly accept it. The MS community is a strong one. Support groups, bloggers, and journalists spread word of new developments quickly and efficiently. We keep each other informed and we ask a lot of questions. I am 100 percent positive that when the cure is found, it will be a breakthrough of major proportions and I will hear about it from reputable sources. It will not come to us through unsolicited emails or late-night television ads. Our doctors will know about it.

    Please scrutinize any claims of a cure thoroughly and don't allow con artists to take your money. As for those folks who insist on telling us they heard about this cure... I usually thank them for their concern and tell them I'll take it up with my doctor. But I do get weary.

Published On: April 30, 2008