Keeping a Sense of Humor with Multiple Sclerosis

Mandy Crest Health Guide
  • Multiple sclerosis can rob you of many things, but not necessarily your sense of humor. Just about every day I find something to laugh about.


    • On my best day, I wouldn't have a chance in a million of passing a field sobriety test. Can't walk a straight line, can't close my eyes and touch my finger to my nose, can't stand on one foot. I do have an odd talent, though. I can recite the alphabet -- backwards -- in five seconds flat. I don't know what a police officer would make of that -- I'd probably end up with a series of drug tests -- or in a straight jacket.
    • Vertigo. I just have to laugh at the absurdity of becoming sea-sick while sound asleep.
    • Copaxone (R) bumps. If you are the least bit vain, as I tend to be, this can be devastating. I've gotten over the vanity thing, I guess, because now I can laugh about it. In case you don't know, Copaxone (R), which is injected daily, creates hills and valleys at injection sites. You are supposed to rotate injections -- upper arms, abdomen, lower back, and upper legs, but after years of needles, you run out of bumpless places to inject. I don't know if it is true, but I've read that the reason for this is that Copaxone (R) melts fat. Whatever the reason, it is definitely not a good look for a 40-something year old woman's thighs.
    • Wouldn't it be great if they would repackage Copaxone as a a fat-burning dietary aid? What if they reformulated it into a lotion and you could just spread it on? It would be a huge hit! Perhaps it would gain popularity, result in generics, and make it affordable at last! Dare to dream...
      • Attempting to follow the instructors on my Yoga for MS DVD is always good for a chuckle. You want me to put... what... where?
      • I'm not really aging, I just have MS. All those things which more than likely are the result of the aging process, I blame on MS. This is how I fool myself into believing that I am still young.
      • Finally, after years of dance-related missteps, I have a built-in excuse for being a lousy dancer! In fact, I've invented “chair dancing.” Anyone who has spent any time with me at a social function has seen this trick. Rather than take a chance on indiscriminately falling into people on the dance floor, I “dance” while still seated in my chair, or I stand up and hold the back of the chair while doing my best dance impression. Now that's what you call making the best of things!

      My philosophy has always been that you've got to do the best you can with what you've got at any given time. I do just that when it comes to MS. Make the best of it, laugh as often as possible, and never let go of your sense of humor.

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    Published On: June 09, 2008