Relapsing-Remitting MS: Make Informed Alternative Supplement & Diet Decisions

Mandy Crest Health Guide
  • You see the ads in magazines and you see them on late night television. If you surf the internet for “multiple sclerosis,” you are inundated with them. “What your doctor won't tell you... there IS a cure for MS... this supplement will get you out of that wheelchair!”

    The videos are there for all the world to see. The patient so disabled by MS that he can barely lift a finger. After taking this or that treatment or supplement, he’s up and running. It is so very tempting to believe... because we want to believe so badly.

    I've written about this subject before, but it's so important that it's worth looking at again. Every day, more people are newly diagnosed with MS, and many more are waiting for test results, adding to the hundreds of thousands of us searching for answers.

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    MS patients who are experiencing worsening symptoms become depressed and anxious. Researchers have yet to pinpoint the exact cause of MS, let alone a cure, and the stress of it all takes a toll. We are ripe for pickin’.

    Relapsing/remitting MS is especially helpful to the sly salesman. If we end up in remission shortly after the “cure,” that’s just more fuel for the fire. They won’t be around to offer an explanation when we relapse. Since my diagnosis, there have been a few brief periods where I, too, felt “cured.” It wasn’t because I took anything, it was just the nature of the beast.

    Before ordering the book or the video or the bottle of pills, do a little checking. Who is responsible for the ad or the website? What are their qualifications? Are they even who they claim to be? Can you access the research behind the claims?

    Solicit your doctor’s advice. Never drastically change your diet or add supplements -- even over-the-counter supplements -- without your physician input. Just because you can get something without a prescription, it does not mean that it is safe for you.

    For the latest information on MS treatments and research, check with reputable organizations such as The Health Central Network, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society or the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Do your homework.

    If you already have MS, you don’t want to add insult to injury by making poor health decisions. Don’t be guided by emotion and don’t be fooled by easy cures. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your health is on the line. Protect it at all costs.

Published On: July 25, 2008