Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue Requires Advanced Planning

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  • Company is coming! Some out of town relatives are stopping in for a quick visit. They are embarking upon a twelve hour drive with two small children, so arrival time is anyone’s guess!

    At first, I was so excited by the prospect of this visit, that I got carried away with plans. I decided on a menu which would satisfy the adults as well as the children, planned out sleeping arrangements, and decided on the breakfast menu. Then I realized that in my excitement I was getting way ahead of myself.

    Fatigue has been stalking me of late, and my legs have once again become weak and wobbly. I have to work smart these days. I suddenly had a mental picture of myself trying to time a dinner based on a twelve-hour car trip, and wondering what I would do if I couldn’t deliver this fabulous feast. I imagined a fairly stressful evening.

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    Then I came to my senses and realized that spending quality time with the people I care about is the most important aspect of this visit. So, the new back up menu is take-out pizza. If my day becomes overwhelming, Plan B will kick in. I will be able to greet my guests and spend some leisurely time with them rather than feverishly trying to play the perfect hostess.

    When they look back on this trip, it's unlikely that my decision to order pizza will cast me in a negative light. It is much more likely that they will remember how much we enjoyed being with them.

    When you’re dealing with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis, working smart is an absolute necessity. We always have to allow for the possibility that despite our excitement, things may not go as the way we want them to.

    If making plans for days or weeks from now, it’s a good idea to have a strategy... and a backup strategy. Let’s face it, we’re never really certain what kind of shape we’ll be in on a given day, no matter how important that day may be to us.

    Guests coming over for dinner? Don’t get caught off guard. Have an alternate plan in mind just in case you are unable to follow through with your original ideas.

    Going out Friday night? Maybe dancing sounds like fun now, but who knows? You might want to pick out a movie, just in case.

    Set short short term goals and have an alternate plan. Be flexible and work smart. It won't make the MonSter go away, but it will tame the beast.

Published On: August 01, 2008