Find Creative Way to Be Self Sufficient with Multiple Sclerosis

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  • Lately there has been a lot of attention given to people who, in mid-life, are redefining themselves. Count me in.

    We all have different reasons for taking the plunge -- death in the family, divorce, loss of a job, health problems, or just plain dissatisfaction with our roles in life.

    For me, it was not the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, but the symptoms, which stopped me in my tracks. Early on, it became apparent that I would no longer be able to hold a full time job. So, where does that leave you, when you are still only in your forties, and are not ready to pack it all in? I found myself in a holding pattern for several years.

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    MS had not only taken over my body. It had taken part of my spirit.

    When my MS was in remission, I longed to do more, but knew I couldn’t, in good conscience, apply for full time employment. I knew that there would be days or weeks at a stretch when I would not be able to work. I knew that there would be months at a time when I could not feel it was safe to drive. I felt stuck in place and not sure where to go.

    Since I couldn’t figure out what to do about working, I decided that I had better at least get a new hobby. Over a dinner conversation one evening, Jake and I decided to try our hand in the world of blogging. We both loved to write, sometimes feeling more at home with words on a page than with talking.

    So off we went into the blogosphere, first with one blog, then another. An old love was rekindled and I realized that writing was something I truly enjoyed. Before I knew what hit me, I was off on a new quest. To write... and write.... and write. I’ve found my passion.

    Had MS not blindsided me, I wonder if I might never have turned down this road. No matter. I’m off in a new direction. From a dinner conversation to a hobby to a second part-time job in a matter of months. My new goal is simply to spread my wings.

    Now creeping up on 49 years old, I feel invigorated and enthusiastic about my future. I have a chance to be something else and to not only function, but to thrive, with MS in my life.

    Those of us who have MS had better find a way to work with it... .around it... and through it. Otherwise, life will pass us by. Find your passion. Then find a way to live it.

Published On: August 07, 2008