Ask a Neurologist Questions about Multiple Sclerosis

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  • Have you ever wanted to ask the doctor something about Multiple Sclerosis but you ran out of time?  Well now you have the opportunity to get answers to your questions from a neurologist.  Doctor Nitin Sethi, Assistant Professor of Neurology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center, has graciously agreed to answer some reader questions from Health Central viewers.  I had an amazing interview with Doctor Sethi which was posted earlier this week.  You can read that interview right here.


    If you would like to ask a question of the doctor simply pose your question here in the form of a comment or write to me, Merely Me, in the form of an on-site email.

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    Note that due to time constraints, not all questions may be chosen for the doctor to answer but we will try our best to get you your answers.  In addition, this format of question and answer is not a substitute for seeing your own doctor or neurologist.  Please do always seek advice from your own physician pertaining to your personal medical care. 


    After we give you some time to submit your questions, I will post an article including selected questions and answers in a week or so.  I will keep you all notified as to when this post will be published so that you can come and view all the questions and answers.


    So what are you waiting for?  Ask away!  Your answer awaits.




Published On: January 07, 2009