Figuring Out When to Switch Doctors for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

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  • It's Thursday so it must be time again for the MS Question of the Week!


    What shall we talk about today?


    Just wanted to let you know how fascinating I thought last week's responses were to my question about possible early signs of MS in our childhood or teen years.  I thought it was of interest that so many of us had experienced "growing pains" or else what is known today as restless leg syndrome.  Not sure what to make of it, if anything, but it might be something for researchers to pursue further.


    My question for our community for this week is about calling it quits on your doctor.

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    At what point do you decide that your present doctor or neurologist is just not working out and you need to choose another doctor?  What are deal breakers for you in the doctor/patient relationship?  And how do you go about choosing the next doctor?  What qualities do you look for in your doctor or neurologist?


    I have personal motivation for this particular question as I am not too pleased with my current neurologist but am wondering if it is worth the time and energy to go seeking another one. 


    Do tell us your stories!  We learn from each other's experiences. 

Published On: April 23, 2009