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    It is my humble opinion that we are becoming quite a wonderful little MS community here.  I have been writing here since August and at the beginning there wasn't a whole lot of interaction going on but slowly and steadily more and more people are coming to our site.  I am seeing our community grow from the ground up and it is very exciting to see.


    Multiple Sclerosis is not an easy disease to deal with by any stretch of the imagination.  It can literally bring a person to their knees.  It is unpredictable.  It is frustrating.  It is humbling.  I can honestly tell you that the only way I have gotten through this experience has been the support given by other people, usually those who have the disease themselves.  I think it is so critical to find others to connect with who can lift your spirits when times are difficult. 

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    I do hope that you may find empathy, support, information, and emotional sustenance here when you need it.  How do you get it?  We give it to each other.


    Each month I will be recognizing one special member of our community who makes MS Health Central a better place. 


    I didn't have to think for but a few seconds to know exactly who I wanted to give our first Spirit of Community Award.




    You are awesome!  Momdukes (Sherry)  has been such a delight and positive spirit here.  I can be having a horrible day and I will go read one of Sherry's posts and be smiling again.  I don't know how she does it but Sherry could be the definition of positivity.  Yes she gets down and she will tell you about it no holds barred but she always springs back and takes a look at things from a perspective of light.  I need this.  I need someone to shine a bit of light on the world.  And Sherry does exactly this.


    Oh and Momdukes is so funny.  It would be so easy to be cranky with this disease but Momdukes keeps her sense of humor intact.  This is something else I need...some humor to get me through these days of this disease.


    Sensitive, caring, compassionate.  These are some of Sherry's other traits.  She is always here to extend a hand to anyone who needs it.  Sherry is consistently kind to others.  And she doesn't want anything in return.  She helps because this is her innate nature to do so.  In a sometimes selfish world...this is so refreshing to see. 


    And...I love Sherry's posts.  Yes I do.  I am a city girl and I was lucky to see a blade of grass growing up.  I have always been wistful about a country life.  Sherry writes about her childhood in the country and I am totally there with her.  It is so nice to think and talk about something other than MS.  I know that sounds almost silly to say...after all this is an MS site.  But...MS isn't our whole life.  Sometimes I want a break from all the research and talk of symptoms...and find a little respite to just breathe.  Momdukes gives you that place through her writing.


    Seriously Sherry...thank you for all that you do for this site and for being a friend to all.  We are grateful to have you here.  I hope you stay on for a good long time. 


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    Thank you Sherry! (Hope I haven't embarrassed you with all of this but...tough noogies!  you rock!)


Published On: May 20, 2009