The Connection Between MS and Food

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  • Hi everyone!


    It is Thursday once again and it is time for a new question of the week! 


    I think I use too many exclamation points...what do you think?  Okay that was not my question.  When I write my question I always imagine it coming out like a big booming Oprah voice. 


    Okay moving right along...


    I want to talk about FOOD!  Food, glorious food...


  you think that there is any connection between MS symptoms and the food you eat?


    I kinda do.  I have noticed that when I drink milk I have symptoms shortly after.  Is this a coincidence?  It probably is but who knows.  My son who has autism has been on a gluten free dairy free diet forever and I know it has helped him as he has allergies to these food items.  I don't think I am allergic but I feel I have more symptoms when I eat certain things.

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    Am I crazy?  Don't be afraid to say yes!  Or you can talk about your own experiences with food and MS symptoms.


    So what do y'all think on this subject?

Published On: May 21, 2009