Feeling Grateful with MS

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    Hi all!


    I hope everybody is doing okay.  I am hanging in there.  Been having more heat related symptoms lately...as expected...summer is soon approaching.  I am sorta getting used to it.  Did I just say that?  I suppose I will never get used to the symptoms...I hate them...but I recognize them when they come now.  I am no longer surprised. 


    Ummm....okay...a question....let me see here.



    Has your MS made you feel more grateful for the here and now?  Or has it made you more fearful of the future?  What do you focus upon more...right now...or the future? 

    I tend to vascilate myself.  I wonder sometimes if my focus on the here and now is a way to block out the future?  Is it a cop out to not...worry about what comes next?

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    Not sure what I am trying to ask tonight but I think you all will help me to process by sharing your own feelings on this. 





Published On: May 28, 2009