Lifestyle Changes with Multiple Sclerosis: Shaving, Bladder Control, Flat Shoes

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  • Hello everyone!


    I wanted to preface my question of the week by just telling you all how much I am enjoying our talks.  This has definitely become the place where I go for support about my MS.   I feel that I receive so much more than I give here.  You guys are all so honest about how this disease can affect your life.  When I talk about my challenges I know that you understand.  I feel validated and supported and...just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you all. 


    On a side note...I have been taking a B-12 supplement and maybe it is some sort of placebo effect but...I had been having symptoms every day and now I have not had any symptoms in some days despite the heat.  This could totally be a coincidence and probably is but...maybe it is helping in some way.  Who knows?

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    Okay my question today is...



    How have you had to adapt or change your lifestyle due to your Multiple Sclerosis?  Have you made any changes to your work, your exercise, your diet, the places you go, the activities you do, or the way that you do chores? 



    We want to hear your stories! 



Published On: June 04, 2009