Question of the Week: What Impact Does Heat Have on You?

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  • Hey everybody!


    Well let's see...what is new this week?  Is has been hotter than Hades and I have been trying to combat the heat.  I bought this gizmo which has a battery operated fan and water mister.  I must say that it has helped me. 


    Before I ask my question of the week I do want to apologize for being so unresponsive recently.  I am here but I am not all here if you know what I mean.  I have been very spaced out and forgetful.  But give me time...I will be sure to respond...some time this century!

  my question for you this week is:


    How do you cope with the heat?  What strategies do you use?  Have any of you bought any items to keep cool and have they worked for you?  Are there any of you who are unaffected by the heat? 

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    Do tell all! 

Published On: June 11, 2009