How Many Medical Professionals Do You See to Treat Your MS

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  • Hi everybody!


    I know...I am a bit early in my question this week but I am going away for several days so wanted to make sure I got this out there before I go. 


    First of all...I want to say something to you all.  THANK YOU!  I have never met such a wonderful and loyal group of people.  I asked favors of you to come to some of the other sites and participate and you did.  I asked for help from you to help a member in need on the depression site and you did.  I am telling you that I get far more than I ever give here.  You truly make a difference with all the support and compassion you show to others.

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    Okay so...let's see...a question.  Hmmm...


    Here is a relatively easy one.  I am very curious.  How often do you guys see the following doctors for MS related stuff?  I am talking about within a year.


    1.  How often do you get an MRI in a year's time?

    2.  How often do you see your neurologist in a year's time?

    3.  How often do you see just a nurse (and not your doctor) at your neurology place within the year?

    4.  How often do you see a physician's assistant within the year for MS related stuff?

    5.  How often do you see your general practitioner for MS related issues?



    About how many "well" visits do you do...where it is just a check up and how many times in a year do you go in for MS exacerbations?  And what type of health care professional do you mainly see for these things the most?



    I guess what I am trying to ascertain is what is the average health care experience for someone who has MS.  I feel I am probably not the norm.  I don't see the doctor or any other health care professional all that often. 


    Do tell all...this should be very interesting.


Published On: June 23, 2009