Multiple Sclerosis and Fatigue

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  • Hey there everybody!


    How is everyone feeling this week?  I can tell you that I am feeling tiiiiiiiired.  Like bone weary tired.  Not sure if it is the MS or not but it is a likely suspect don't ya think? 


    So let's talk about this symptom.



    Does your MS cause you to feel fatigue?  What does this feel like for you?  What sorts of things help with your fatigue? 



    Tell us all about it.  I think we learn a lot about this disease from hearing about the firsthand experiences of others.  And it helps us to know we are not alone in these experiences.


    (And to head off the inevitable suggestions and advertisements about articles written about this topic as a comment to my won't need to go to that trouble as I am thinking ahead to post them here now.  Just follow this link and also this link for more information about fatigue. And for extra curricular reading Doctor Gross also has written about this topic and you may find his article here.)

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Published On: July 16, 2009