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  • Hello everybody!


    How are you all doing this week? 


    I actually had a bad time of it with my MS this week.  Something frigtening happened which has never happened before.  This week's question is sort of for me.  Just because I am a writer here doesn't mean I know everything about MS nor does it mean that I don't need support too.


    Yesterday I had the experience (short lived thank goodness) of not being able to move my limbs.  I could talk, move my head and neck and trunk fairly well but my arms and legs...were not wanting to move.  It was as though I had forgotten how to move.  When I would concentrate very hard the best I could get is a little tremble out of them.  It only lasted about an hour but it was one very frightening hour for me.

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    My question for you all today is...Have you ever experienced not being able to move your limbs?  If so, were you scared?  What did you do? 


    I am very eager to hear your stories and to see if I am not alone in having this symptom.  And thank you all for the support you give here to the community and to each other.

Published On: August 13, 2009