Navigating Health Care systems and Insurance Companies with Multiple Sclerosis

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  • Hi guys!


    Just came back from seeing my favorite Physician's Assistant at my neurology hospital.  And they think I am doing well!  I am due for my annual MRI in a month or so but last year I had no new lesions.  I am not taking any of the disease modifying drugs and this time they absolutely did not push it.  But we did discuss Fingolimod as perhaps an option in the future..this oral drug will come to my particular hospital...sometime in 2010.  So we will see!


    Okay...time for a question!


    Last week we talked about health care.  And if you haven't joined the discussion already please feel free to offer your opinion on the health care reform proposals right here.

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    This time I am going to hone in a little and ask how you are managing the cost of having Multiple Sclerosis. are you affording to have this disease?  And do you have any suggestions or tips to give other MS patients on how to navigate our health care system and insurance companies in order to get medical care.  If you do not have insurance I definitely want to hear how you are getting medical care to treat your MS.


    These stories, tips, and suggestions are ultra-important right now because the health care debate is not going to be resolved any time soon.  While many people are rallying their cause, the fact is, the people in this country who are sick...are still sick and in need of care now.  For those of us in the trenches...what practical  hands on advice can you give to other MS patients who want to know how they can afford to have this disease?


    Thank you to everyone who participates in these discussions!  Your input and opinions are important to us.



Published On: August 27, 2009