Does Stress increase your Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms?

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  • Hey everybody!

  is it the end of September already.  How did this happen?  I am always amazed by the passage of is just speeding by.


    Okay...a question!


    I was gonna research this but why not just ask you guys. 


    Do you feel that stress makes your MS worse?  I have read mixed things on this.  Some people say that stress exacerbates their MS symptoms but does not cause them.  While still others say that there is no direct correlation between stress and MS symptoms.  It is a catch 22 isn't it?  You have MS which makes you feel stressful and then the stress may cause the symptoms to be worse. 

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    What are your thoughts?  Are you stressed out due to your MS and does this stress cause you to have symptoms?  Or does stress simply make it hard to cope with this disease? 



    Always love to hear from you.  Don't be shy!  Come on and join the discussion!


Published On: September 24, 2009