Question of the Week: Are MS Symptoms Impacted by Monthly Hormone Changes?

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  • Hi guys!


    First of all...wanted to tell you that I finally took one of those Baclofen pills.  I was having some spasms this morning and decided to take the plunge and try this medication.  I think it did help.  I definitely didn't have any more spasms today and it made me feel pretty darn relaxed.  So has been a good experience.  Just made me a little loopy and sleepy.  Thanks to all who gave such good advice about this medication and what to expect.


    My question today has to do with my experience today.  This question is for the ladies.  Do you find that as your period comes around, that you experience more MS symptoms?  I absolutely do and am wondering if other women have this same issue.

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Published On: October 01, 2009