MS and Exercise

My Odd Sock Health Guide
  • You have GOT to be kidding.....MS...and exercise?


    Why, they go together like Felix and Oscar.  Like dog and cat.  Like gas prices and my wallet! But hold on there nay-sayers, MS and exercise DO make a cute couple.  And here is why.


    It has been my personal experience that exercise has been more beneficial to my MS than any medication.  Exercise loosens stiff muscles, restores flexibility, and enhances range of motion and energy levels, as well as lifting your spirit!


    Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for those with MS.  The water gently supports weakened limbs as if in the water, we are MS free!  (Although because my right leg doesn't work, I tend to swim in circles-like a bug in the toilet!)

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    Yoga is also great for an MSer's flexibility and range of motion.  Standing, even sitting, you can reach skyward as far as you can.  Stretch to the sides and behind.  Extend your legs forward and back.  All while breathing deep, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.  Relaxed, think of yourself as an ocean wave.


    A Stability Ball is tremendous to help strengthen your tummy.  Try sitting on one while watching TV.  You'll be exercising without even knowing it!  But beware: we MSers don't have the best of balance, so always sit next to something you can hold onto.  (Sometimes, a round butt sitting on a round ball can be a challenge!)


    The key is movement - ANY movement beyond your usual, daily activities.

    Exercise will help soothe the savage MS beast within your body...and in your mind.  How does exercise help you manage your MS?  I would love to hear your side.

    Keep moving, kids!  

Published On: March 31, 2011