Sunday, February 26, 2017

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MS Parent: The Evolution of MS & the Celebrations of Parenting

This year my daughter Madeline turned 14 years old and my MS turned 27. To say that time flies is an understatement. Seems like just yesterday I had an infant whose head I needed to support, and an MS that had no support what-so-ever.


When my MS was first born in 1988 there were no Read moreChevron

An American [Person with MS] in Paris


After much planning and speculating, as well as a week of the London experience under our belts, we boarded the Eurostar for our destination deux: Paris Gare du Nord. Leaving the comforts of family (a.k.a. the best tour guides,... Read moreChevron

Vacationing With MS: Small Expectations can lead to Large Memories

The summer of 2015 was a bear. When every summer begins, I know that there will be many challenges that will make me well aware of just how hard MS can be. The temps increase, the myelin swells around my neurons, and MS takes center stage whether I’ve given... Read moreChevron

Traveling Abroad with Multiple Sclerosis

Traveling Abroad with Multiple Sclerosis: A Trip* Over the Pond!

*not the sudden gravity kinda trip, the kind you buy tickets for!


In 2012 my husband, daughter and I did what had seemed like a pipe dream just a few months prior. We went to London, Paris and Berlin. This was unimaginable not only because our... Read moreChevron

Planning a Vacation with Multiple Sclerosis

When living with a disease that is unpredictable and so variable, planning in general can be very difficult. Some of us who are living with MS experience a consistency and predictability that allows them to feel comfortable with decision make-ing, ticket buy-ing, non-refundable deposit-ing, and all the other commitments that come with planning... Read moreChevron