Do You Trust Your Doctor With New MS Treatment Plans?

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    When a new medication hits the market for the MS community I must remember to pull back my proverbial reigns. Wow! Something that will help me walk better?? This gives way to the film montage of me going for long walks with my husband and daughter, taking care of household needs with little effort - and in the end I run up to the camera with a big smile as I toss my 70s knit beret in the air and catch it again ... all to the tune of “You’re Going to Make It After All.” Roll Clip!


    And then I come back to reality and know that I have a lot more to understand before my coming attractions hit the theaters.  When a drug like AMPYRA™ captures the headlines it is hard for everyone living with MS not to be anxious in one way or another. Trying to balance the news reports, the MS Society’s explanation, Lisa Emrich’s ever informative share posts, the comments all over the blogosphere and finally – the endless barrage of emails and phone calls from loving family and friends who want to know if you’ve heard about this amazing new drug that could change the way people with MS live and move. Sheesh...Just typing this makes me anxious!

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    My M.O. has me gathering a minimal amount of information. Just enough so I know what it is, what it should do and what the side effects are.  When I get to my neurologist’s office I have my questions in hand. I am quite confident in his opinion and being that he knows my 21-year history with MS, his suggestions, when combined with my instincts are as good as gold. But that’s just me. What do you do?


Published On: February 01, 2010