Ampyra- Better understood

  • an addendum to this post: So, I went to see Dr. Aaron Miller yesterday for my 3 month check up. (for the record, I have great confidence in him.) And with this post in mind I asked him a few questions about the new drug de jour for MS. • I asked him how patients tolerate it, and he said very well. If you have a history of seizures, it can spark more. I don't. •I asked him what about this whole... "it helps with walking" thing. How can it just select that one symptom? He said it can help with more than that, but walking is the symptom that was definitive in their testing. He said it works with the "potassium channels" (see link at the bottom of this entry.) He also explained to me that the symptom of walking is geared more to weakness that inhibits walking. For me it is balance and foot drop. • I asked how long must I take it before I see the results. He said a few weeks and if you haven't seen any effect you can stop it. My feelings are: Can't hurt to try? I'll report on my experience~ Amy Potassium channels explained.

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Published On: March 05, 2010