Question of the Week: The Steroid Scenario

  • Last Friday, I completed my fifth dose in a five-day Solumedrol treatment for my most recent MS episode. I would guesstimate that I have done about 10-12 of these in some variation over the last 21+ years that I have been living MS.  And just like with anything that is MS related each one is different; the method, the anxiety, the ritual, the side effects, the side effects, the side effects, the ending and then how I assimilate back in to real life, without the steroid charge. This trip can be a whiplash or a casual turn of the head. It just depends on the moment, the contributing factors and the “no rhyme or reason” nature of MS.

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    Entering in to this process is a juggling act of great proportions. Trying to balance the desire to be prepared with a need to go-with-the-flow attitude is no easy task.  And this time it seemed more important than ever, being that my attempted re-entry after my last steroid treatment didn’t go so well. In fact, crash and burn is putting it mildly. For two weeks I couldn’t lift my head from the couch.  So this time I decided to do my own research with about 500 of my closest MS friends on Facebook. And the advice came pouring in.  I gleaned what I thought was useful, and enjoyed all the supportive words that came along with it. Taking this ride with a group is much easier than going it alone.  As it turns out, I didn’t crash this time. Whether it was the overdose on bananas (high levels of potassium), the digital camaraderie, or just how the rhyme/reason played out- I feel better than ever post steroids.
    What is your story of steroid assimilation?

Published On: April 26, 2010