Living with MS

  • Hello to my MS community! Isn’t it crazy how this virtual world to which we have so quickly immigrated allows us to connect in ways that not so long ago were beyond our wildest sci-fi dreams? Oooh... that’s a painful little run-on sentence there isn’t it; But you know what I’m talking about.


    I mean in my 22 years with MS, I’ve gone from stagnant books and scary support groups to logging on and asking my 800+ MS “friends” if they have experienced the symptom de jour and what to do about it. Usually the answer time is minutes away, replete with supportive emoticons and lists of people who “like” it.

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    That is a massive transition.


    And to continue to enjoy all the perks of this day and age, I want to invite you to join me for a “chat.” Bring your favorite cool beverage and sit at your cozy computer. We will stretch the pixels as we discuss whatever your heart’s desire. (In the MS realm of course!) We are accepting call-in requests for that special song and we will do our best to play it. (i.e. Let me know what you want to “talk” about... below... as a comment!)


    Looking forward to “seeing” you there!


    Click here to read the chat transcript!



Published On: May 24, 2010