Question of the Week: Can't Wait Till That Colonoscopy

  • For this past month I have been experiencing a health problem that isn't related to MS and crazy as it may be I'm loving it!  Having MS for over two decades, I've learned to live with and without a lot of things. Being that I was only 20 years old when I was diagnosed, my body worked really well - besides my newly aggressive and confused immune system, that is! But now, I'm entering my 40s. (I have to add here, that I'm amazed how very cool it is being in your 40s; who knew? ;) At this decade, one might expect things not to work as well as they used to. (Don't let these facts fool you... it is still cool to be 40+... trust me!)

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    Although most people cringe when I describe my current symptoms and my scheduled colonoscopy, I couldn't be more excited to find out what is wrong with me and how it will be fixed.


    When living with MS our symptoms are so hard to pin down, treat and overcome. They might be with us briefly or long term. And in some cases they never go away. Living with this reality gives you a different perspective on a lot in life. For me, I see other health concerns in an entirely different light.  And that is why I excitedly count down the days to my colonoscopy; only 9 more to go! (whoo hoo!)  Can you relate?



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Published On: July 20, 2010