Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and finding Inspiration

  • Living within the limitations that MS hands me, I have learned some amazing things that I CAN do.  I credit this understanding to the extra time spent thinking that would have otherwise been filled with endless high-energy activities. (Nice spin, dontcha think?) This sweet rationalization includes both my writing and my non-profit, MSSoftServe.


    I had never known that I had (have) a talent for writing, nor had I the confidence to pursue anything.  Both turned out to be true.  My blog is both a conversation starter and a catharsis. I write my essays and I have found quite the release by putting my emotions out there on the www. The positive feedback makes it hard to ignore; it apparently isn’t only me getting something out of it, and that furthers my warm-fuzzy-factor.

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    The non-profit has become my life mission. I’ve developed a non-profit that provides a new, customized way to learn about MS while you’re living with it. It grew out of my master’s thesis (I never thought I could get a master’s degree!), and from day one I’ve never considered NOT doing it. MS SoftServe has a Board of Directors, a strategic planner and grant applications in its not too-distant-future. And all I can say is Who Knew?


    So tell me, what have those two letters taught you about your capability?




Published On: August 10, 2010