Combat MS Mobility Issues by Utilizing the Internet

  • How cool are we? All we have to do is sit down at our keyboards and we have access to everything. It's hard to believe in my experience with MS (22yrs and counting) we've gone from one way of doing things to countless easily accessible ways. Whether it be information-getting, comparative shopping, research-supporting, blog-writing, and who was that guy in that film we saw that time- solving. You can meet your soul mate or talk to people you passed in the hallway once in high school. The possibilities are endless.


    This access is more than the sum of its croutons for those of us living with the salad bar of challenges that is MS. We can all get what we need and often what we don't need (On ebay I got ankle warmers that COME with batteries!) from the comfort of our own home.  No driving,  parking, schlepping, walking, stopping, walking, dodging, foot-dropping... in fact this access requires minimal movement! The condiments that have kept many of us who are living with MS from shopping have been cleared from the table.

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    And is it never more evident than during this season.


    As the lunar calendar would have it, my holiday came early. This left me little time after Thanksgiving to get-it-together. The thought of trying to negotiate the megamalls made me want to lose my cookies. Luckily I live in the time that I do, and because of that I can do so much. This year I signed on to the website that brings the rainforest in South America to mind. I browsed and purchased all the gifts on Monday and received them two days later via free shipping. How cool is that!?


    What is your favorite Internet-ability?


Published On: December 13, 2010