Relying on a Caregiver for Stability from MS

  • This past week caught me off guard. My husband left town suddenly for a family emergency and before I had a chance to think about it, my daughter and I were on our own. (Cue the dramatic score!)


    My husband, let's call him Keith for the purpose of this discussion :), keeps our house running. He's a control freak and I need more of that (control) in my life. We are quite the complementary pair! So when I found myself at the helm of the purple house, a panic ran through me. Who would get groceries? Who would run those errands? Who would scrub the kitchen floor? (Okay, let's be real, neither of us do that!) But who would make sure everything is remembered and resolved?

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    And I need his stabilizing arm everytime I leave the house. With dizziness, foot drop and fatigue I've come to rely on his stability. Walking with him feels secure in ways I can't ever find when it's just me-and-my-stick. Of course the line between security and dependence is thin. And when he isn't with me, I run through my list of aprehension-question marks. Will I fall? Will I be too tired to move? Will I...


    But what did happen was entirely unexpected. I did it!  I moved through the 5 days with surprising ease. And it left me with a charge that moved far beyond the satisfaction of logistics accomplished. I learned that at times I can* do some of the things that I feared I couldn't. (This refers to times when my energy is up. Just saying.)


    I'm expecting that this new understanding will empower me even more than Keith's stable arm. And in celebration, I will head out the door without a backward glance and pick up the tasty item from The Pie Store that is well deserved. I'm telling you... their pies rock!


    Have you realized anything unexpected lately?


Published On: January 24, 2011