Question of the Week: Isn't It Crazy?

  • That's a rhetorical question but just so you know what's behind statement, I'll continue.  It's crazy how the older you get, the faster time moves. Annoying right? It seems to me that as years accumulate, time should slow down so that it can be savored.


    My husband and I went to a get-together yesterday, seeing friends who are parents of Madeline's pre-school classmates who we hadn't seen in while. Come to think of it we hadn't seen some of them in over a year; but of course it seems like it was last week. Being that they look pretty much the same, the lightening time travel isn't immediately evident. That is until we see their kids. Suddenly the reality of years passed slaps us in the face and we are caught off guard letting "my have you grown sweetie!" fall from our lips replete with full-on cheek pinching.

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    Is there any moment more sobering than when your parent's (grandparents!) voice leaves your mouth? But what else can you say when that little 3-year old, your daughter went to pre-school with, is looking at you straight in the eyes with no tippie-toes required. How am I supposed to live in this comfie delusional place when I'm forced to examine this petri-dish growth experiment that is happening all around us.


    So, I bet you're wondering how this lead-in can possibly result in an MS related question. Here's the segue: My MS turned 23 last week and as much as I try to avoid the counter-productive realization; I can't help but to notice how much its grown in that time. Nor can I help but to be rattled about it. And at night, when all of my effective coping mechanisms are shelved, I feel scared and powerless over what is to come. Sigh.


    Ok then. I'm looking forward to hearing your experience with this sorta thing (so I don't feel alone in the world) and please feel free to add any requirements of cheek-pinching.

Published On: June 27, 2011