Service Dogs for MS: Question of the Week

  • Did you know that people with MS use service dogs to help them manage tasks and resolve their need to nuzzle up against a furry pup who loves you unconditionally? I first learned about this when I met a woman at an MS event a few years ago who had a beautiful black lab at her ankle. She told me that he, among other things, helps her get up if (when) she falls. I was amazed. And then I promptly forgot about it until a few months ago when I met Joanne and Liz Gruskin of MS Beyond Meds who are working hard to get the message out there that people with MS can use, and need for that matter, the help and love of a service dog.

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    Full transparency: I'm a cat person. Of course, when it comes to helping, my cat Wally falls a bit short. I've asked him numerous times to get me things that I need (the phone, a remote, my iPad) and he doesn't even move. And when it comes down to it he makes moving around my house more risky. When Wally weaves between my legs as I walk... Let's just say when I fall these days, it's not always an MS thing, which I suppose has its bright moments Undecided. But the love and affection makes it worth it to hang on countertops and walls with greater consistency.


    But service dogs are different. They can do some amazing things to help people with MS. If you want to learn more, don't miss Wednesday's MSLOL Radio Show: Guiding Paws. We will meet the people with the pups who have many stories to share and the people dedicated to make a match.


    So here is the question:

    Do any of you have a "tail" to tell? If so, "speak"!

Published On: July 11, 2011