Can You Find the Funny While Living with MS: Question of the Week

  • MS is in no way funny.  Yet many people are able to find a way to laugh. Some of us laugh at ourselves and some of us find funny things to distract ourselves from MS. It's good to have either one. Kind of like a first-aid kit. Something that is easy access for when you need it most.


    As far as distraction laughing, I like to go to Awkward Family Photos. The crazy photos and the comments leave my husband and I in tears, pointing and nodding; rendered silent as we gasp for air and slap our knees.


    In research for Wednesday's MSLOL-Radio show (Humor Me: Finding the funny while living with MS) I came across Jim Sweeney's play My MS and ME. Jim is an improvisational comedian. I'd seen him on the British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? years ago. And what do you know? He's a member of our club and he has mastered the art of finding funny in his life with MS. So I had a listen and it was fantastic. Not only did I laugh, but I also felt better about a lot of what I go through with MS. He found the funny an now I have another tool to add to my kit, one that I can apply as necessary.

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    So tell me, how do you find ways to laugh while living with MS?



    *If you care to share with the community, call in to MSLOL Radio tomorrow night. The more the funnier!

Published On: October 18, 2011