Question of the Week: Thank You (What's your spin?)

  • I know, we are all thinking the same thing on the day before Thanksgiving. If I don't eat anything today, will it allow for 3x my normal calorie consumption tomorrow?


    No, that's not it.


    It's what we are thankful for silly! Yup, this is the season when everyone takes stock of their lives and looks at it through a different filter. It's the day when we take a statement like "Uhg! I'm so sick of this day-in day-out boring job" and morph it in to "OMG! I'm so glad that I have a job!" or more intimately "If you kids don't stop fighting I'm pulling over at the next traffic light" to "You guys are so energetic! Why don't you quiet down so I can get you those icecream sundaes you want"

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    Of course for people with MS, those statements are usually more along the lines of "Uhg! I can't even walk long enough to get my thanksgiving grocery shopping done" to "Thank goodness we live in a time that I can order my groceries online and get them delivered to my door!"


    Based on my experience with MS (23+ years thank you very much) and those shared by much of the MS community, we have a completely different filter at this time of the year. Actually, not a filter, we have a very powerful zoom lens.


    That lens makes it very clear what we live without; without the ability to walk, the ability to be pain-free or the ability to get to the bathroom at a reasonable pace! (My one consistent form of exercise!) Most of us are gracious for the small things that many overlook. Check this out! I was able to stand long enough to unload the dishwasher AND make dinner tonight! And for the supportive people we have around us. Thanks for being the love of my life- who also happens to be the person that does our grocery shopping, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning and the clutter busting... and so on, and so on... Those are two of mine.


    In this season of giving thanks, I'm thankful that am able to find the spin on all that I have to deal with while living with MS and that I have a digital community with which to share every little thing that pops in to my head. What a wonderful world the Internet is!


    What do you have on your TY list this TG?

Published On: November 23, 2011