Who is your Hero?

  • Hello PWMS on HealthCentral!


    Boy, it feels like ages since I've posted here and I must say... I've missed it (see MS SoftServe for what I've been doing)! Anyway. I'm popping in because I want to let you know about Wego's Health Activist Award. If you don't know about Wego, you're in for treat. They are all about helping those who help others cope, learn and sometimes laugh at living with MS. That includes many of the people who write on this site. And it also includes many who respond. Those who maintain relationships and are ever present for the MS community.  


    So take a minute. Check out this awards program, and think of all the people who are making a difference in your day to day. Like say, the Health Guides here at HC's MS Site. I mean, these dedicated individuals deserve recognition. Dontcha think?

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    Thanks for reading, clicking and nominating! 

    All the best! ~Amy


Published On: November 16, 2012