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Testing for MS

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The earlier that testing is done, the more steps can be taken to prevent rapid progression of Multiple Sclerosis and accumulation of disabling factors. The McDonald criteria used in testing for MS include a spinal fluid evaluation, MRI scanning for tracking lesions in the central nervous system over time. Disorders that mimic MS are: Lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, AIDS, Lupus and other autoimmune conditions. Blood tests may be conducted to rule out other disorders. Multiple Sclerosis severity is measured using the Expanded Disability Status Scale.

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If your doctor suspects that you have multiple sclerosis, but you haven't yet been diagnosed, chances are you'll be taking an EMG  test.    EMG stands for electromyogram. The purpose of the EMG is to assess the health of muscles by measuring their response to stimulation. This can help doctors in diagnosing multiple sclerosis and…

Testing for MS
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