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Symptoms of multiple sclerosis include optic neuritis, which is an inflammation of the nerves in the eye, fatigue, changes in sensation in the limbs, spasticity, muscle weakness, bladder control issues and Lhermitte's sign, which is an electrical sensation that runs down the back into the legs. If you are experiencing these symptoms, see your doctor immediately.

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You’ve developed a strange little numbness and tingling in the fingers of your left hand.  It doesn’t really hurt, but it’s just.... odd.  Maybe the tingling goes away on its own and you don’t think about it again.  Or maybe it sticks around and even starts to slowly grow so that now your forearm is numb, too.Do you call the doctor? …

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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide, answered Does multiple sclerosis cause leg pain? Hi sexc_chickie003, muscle tightness and spasticity can be caused by MS.…


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Lisa Emrich, Health Guide, answered spotty vision before headacahe, weight… Lilly, you should definitely tell your doctor about your symptoms. Do you…


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